All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Jack Thompson

Oh, Jacky-boy. Can’t say I missed you. I thought the gaming community had heard the last of Jack Thompson. Afterall, he hadn’t made a peep since he got his jimmies rustled by a Half Life 2 mod in March last year. He even, surprisingly, kept quiet during the tragic Aurora Theater Shooting. But I guess he finally got bored of just yelling at kids to get off his lawn and decided to get in on the Conneticut Shooting hype train.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the news, earlier this week a man killed twenty-six people, including twenty children. This is a horrible tragedy and while there’s a lot of things I could say about the shooting and the reaction to it, I think it’s best I don’t say much about it. I’m keeping the focus on Jack Sparrow here. If you don’t know who Jack is (exposition, exposition, exposition!), he is a former lawyer and the most well-known crusader against video games. Not too long after the shooting, Jack-O-Lantern pulled his disgusting signature move of blaming tragedy on video games. He emailed Joystiq stating that “Blood is on YOUR hands”. I’m not surprised by this. He’s always pulling stunts like this. It’s about time we just give him his medicine and put him in a home.

He's like this, except not as charming.

He’s like this, except not as charming.

Jack Thompson is undeniably an attention whore and a troll. If you look at Jack Bauer’s track record, you’ll agree. There’s no way this is genuine. I refuse to believe that he honestly thinks that video games are to blame. The things that come out of this man’s mouth aren’t worth the gross old people candies he probably gives out on Halloween. Remember when I called him a former lawyer? The man was disbarred. Disbarred. That’s like a note saying “Yeah, don’t listen to this guy” signed by the lawyer factory. This needs to be the last time we let Jack and Daxter get any publicity. If anyone reading this writes on a video game website and is contacted by Jack Thompson, delete the email and do not report on it. This man’s purpose is to get in our faces and try to make us mad. He’s not worth it at all. Yes, we’ve had a lot of laughs making fun of him, but enough is enough. Let’s put Jack back in the box.

Update 12/18/12: I forgot to mention that most game journalism websites have done a good job of ignoring Jack the Ripper’s stupidity this time around. I’ve only seen it covered on a couple sites and aggregators. Great job, guys.

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