And Injustice for All!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

April 19th is the launch date for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Now what might seem like just another fighting game is shaping up to be oh so much more. First though, let me share a bit of history on the roster of Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. The star players of this game are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many many more characters who the non comic book nerd community think will be in The Avengers 2. These lovable superheroes and villains belong to comic book publishing giant D.C., the eternal rival of Marvel.The Pepsi to Marvel’s Coke if you will.

They are also hotdogs...somehow.

[Rodrigo Huerta]
They are also hotdogs…somehow.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on the development team handling this power-packed bunch. The first good news is that it is not Cashcom-er-Capcom. Capcom’s a pretty straight shooter, so I’m sure we won’t see any locked on-disc content or pointless upgrade released three months in, right? Riiiiight. The second piece of good news is that Netherrealm Studios is developing this gem. Never heard of Netherrealm? Go play the 2011 Mortal Kombat’s story mode. So since we got that out of the way, let me light up the Bat Signal and tell you why this could be D.C.’s redemption in the video game field.

D.C. has been playing second fiddle to Marvel in terms of cinema and video game releases since the dawn of time, back during the release of the first X-Men film was released to celebrate the death of the dinosaurs. To give you an idea of D.C.’s efforts to capitalize on the superhero loving population, I want you to close your eyes and think of Superman Returns. It was a beautiful high budget mess of a movie which had no real structure and that is why we now have Zack Snyder working on the new superman reboot. I am not saying that D.C.’s efforts sucked, I am just saying that they are trying harder and give The Avengers’ success, who can blame them?

This happens every time one of his movies bombs.

This happens every time one of his movies bombs.

It is this drive that now brings us to Injustice: Gods Among Us, the game that might do justice to D.C.’s pantheon of heroes just like Arkham Asylum did to Batman. Boasting a roster that has yet to be fully revealed, Injustice will incorporate classical 2D gaming with interactive backgrounds that can be capitalized on in the tussle. One example is the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s chill spot, where a small vessel lies at the far left, a miniature vessel (which brought Kal-El AKA Clark Kent AKA Superman AKA Bob from Marketing to planet Earth) that can be picked up and used as a weapon in the fight. Another example in the same stage is a portal at the far right which, when taken, warps the player for a sneaky surprise attack.

Details on the storyline, though vague, point to a dark tale pitting hero against hero starting with the Joker blowing up Metropolis, killing millions thus forcing the Man of Steel to come after the clown prince of crime for blood. Now that is intense, especially since the Batman comes to Joker’s defense while Mr. J himself claims to have been duped into doing the dastardly deed! Keep in mind that Netherrealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat reboot included great graphics, gameplay, and again a storyline which showed everybody how a story mode should be done. And if you are still not interested on this game, then watch this video of Super Man’s super finishing move! So come this April, when you look to the skies and wonder if that’s a bird, or a plan, remember to run for your life!

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