Can I Please Get Some More Dot Hack?

Dot Hack Mutation

Hey guys, sorry that this article is so late. I sat down to write it a couple weeks ago but someone started singing the Hong Kong Phooey theme song and the week kind of got away from me. Last weekend I was out looking to exchange a game that I had gotten two copies of for Christmas (you can see a pattern here) when I saw something that made my jaw drop so hard that my dentist can now afford to retire early. In the used PS2 section, I found what I believe to be the equivalent to an archaeological treasure. I saw a copy of .hack//Mutation and two copies of .hack//Outbreak. This is the first time in nine years that I have seen one of the original four Dot Hack games in any store. But, as luck would have it, the store didn’t have the fourth game, which is the one I need.

I didn't take it well...

I didn’t take it well…

It’s about now you’re thinking, “What’s so special about some Anime game, you weeaboo creep?”. First of all, don’t call me a weeaboo unless you’re fine with getting a Special Beam Cannon to the chest. The Dot Hack games are based on the fictional MMORPG called The World. The story explores a lot of themes like interpersonal relationships and how the virtual world and real world interact. I got my first taste of the series on Cartoon Network’s Saturday Entertainment System block. Everytime I went somewhere with cable, I would always remember to get to a TV at midnight. The franchise is still one of my all time favorites in both TV shows and games. It was never super successful, mostly just a cult following. But after all these years the cult still wants more.


The franchise has made a lot of games over its life. I’ve only played three, but I’d wager that all of them were pretty good. They even decided to make a fighting game last year that I plan on buying once I have the cash. But there’s something very huge missing. The WorldThe World is the game inside the series that the characters play. While playing the games that were already made is great, everyone wants to play The World. We want to choose a class, join a guild, go on quests, everything. Ever since the very first game, the fans have been clamoring for a proper Dot Hack MMO. We had a halfway decent one for a while. And by “we” I mean the Japanese. And “for a while” I mean 14 months. So now we’re nowhere.



A proper real life version of The World is on the top of my wishlist for unmade video games. I’m pretty confident that with the game’s fanbase it would be at least a decent success. And a new anime series (hopefully playing on Toonami) would be great too. If Defiance can pull off a TV show tie-in game in this day and age then Dot Hack can do it ten times better. Oh and while I’m writing my list to Santa, I’d really like HD releases of all of the Dot Hack games to be released on the PS3. They’re out of print, and usually pretty expensive to buy. Thanks for reading, run along now. Go level up or something.

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