Game Journal: Fallout: New Vegas


Back when I picked up Skyrim, I decided to double up on Bethesda to get myself through the long winter. The Fallout games take place in a post-apocalyptic future after a nuclear strike. It goes deeper and gets more interesting, but there’s really no need to go there because Bethesda does a great job at world building through diologue, loading screen tips and little things you find in your surroundings.

So I woke up with my hands tied with a well-dressed man pointing a 9mm at my head. So yeah, a normal Sunday morning. But instead of just brushing off my hit and run charges as usual I get shot in the head and wake up in the office of Doctor Cowboy. I thank the doc, get my clothes and gun and I’m on my way. Since this was my second playthrough I decided that I’d try for good karma. So no more stealing or having drug addicts for brunch.

Crazed addict

This used to be 90% of my diet.

After I paid my respects to the corpse of Indiana Jones I left for my long journey. My first stop on my revenge road trip in Novac. I talk to a ranger about the man who shot me, and he agrees to give me information if I get rid of some ghouls at the research center down the road. I soon discover that the ranger isn’t afraid of the feral monsters in the facility, but the group of peaceful mutants (and one weeaboo) on the top floor. I could have gotten them to leave by getting rid of the giant invisible mutants in the basement, but I decided that with limited ammo and no magic mattresses, I should just open fire on the peaceful cult.

After a hilarious misunderstanding where I got an innocent man shot, I decided it was time to leave the small town. I later came across Camp 80s High School Movie. There was a squad of soldiers called the Misfits who were the worst group of outcasts the army had seen, each following a standard 80s movie stereotype. We have the nerd, the over-achieving girl, the kind-hearted idiot and the hardcore punk. Seeing as I was a stranger, their commanding officer thought I was perfectly qualified to discipline this sorry bunch. I decided that the best way to get them to work as a team was some firearm and explosives training. The guns went alright, but the grenades were a disaster. I still don’t know why they listened to me. It was pretty obvious my only experience with explosives was making bubbles in the tub.

What was I supposed to count to, again?

What was I supposed to count to, again?

You know, there’s a lot of interesting things around the Wasteland. Of all the mutant insects that give me nightmares, my favorite is the Fire Ant. These ants are the size of dogs and actually spit fire. My theory is that they are God’s punishment for humanity incorrectly using the word “literally” so many times. Personally I feel we deserve much worse. There’s some interesting people too. My companion from my first playthrough was a wise-cracking girl named Veronica, who could wear power armor and had a punch stronger than half my guns. I was pretty sad that there wasn’t an ending where she was reunited with her girlfriend. They were separated when her community decided that it needed her to squeeze out babies so they could continue their way of life of hiding from outsiders and possibly implied incest. Oh well.

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