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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V will be the greatest game ever to grace this generation. Just the mere sight of it will cure your sinuses, allow you to reach Buddhist Nirvana and finally cancel American Idol…fine it might not do all that but I’m sure that’s only because of patent issues. Rockstar is going to go all out on this title. Why? Because it is the last GTA game of the seventh generation.

If there is one thing Rockstar is known for–besides hot coffee and carjacking–it is the free roaming sandbox genre. Rockstar not only pioneered the genre, but they took it up a notch with Red Dead Redemption (RDR). RDR improved upon the random events of the open world games while adding much needed innovation and diversity. In short, RDR was no sleeping dog (see what I did there?). Also after GTA IV was released, Rockstar realized that the genre needed innovation. But with GTA IV being their winning Coke formula, they knew better than to test the market with a zero calorie GTA that has the same goodness but with no calories.


Hmm. Needs more guns.

GTA V is the first game in the series to concentrate on multiple protagonists. First up is the family man/ex-bank robber Michael. Next we have Franklin, the repoman accompanied by his rottweiler, Chop. Last is the a medicated psychopath/businessman Trevor. Each persona will have his own personal playable life mingling with the dirty jobs GTA is known for. GTA V will also focus on three main missions, so each character has his own role to play in each mission, adding extra depth and also a new view on the job. This means that for the first time ever, your character will be interacting with the others before, during, and after the mission.

GTA V is also packed with more features. This time around Rockstar gives us the chance to interact with animals such as franklin’s rottweiler. You can also go swimming (but beware the sharks) and even do yoga. Yeah, yoga. Stealing cars is stressful, man! Rockstar has also kept in mind that while GTA IV was an arguably solid game, it fell short of expectations that their fans have garnered over the years. RDR’s innovate features will also be implemented in GTA V. That means you might be crossing a constant hitchhiker or wondering who buried all those bodies in the desert. Speaking of deserts, the city of Los Santos will be the biggest GTA city yet making GTA IV’s town look like a cul-de-sac with a severe crime problem.

Half of my homies didn't make it out of the suburbs alive.

Half of my homies didn’t make it out of the suburbs alive, yo.

Rockstar is my favorite developer ever since Blizzard sold its soul to Diablo III. I know that they care about us the gamers, and that means a lot in today’s DLC-oriented industry (I am looking at you, CASHCOM!). I have played every GTA, including the 1&2 back in the day on my Flintstones parrot operated PC and I have yet to be awfully disappointed.

Sure they’ve made some bad games like State of Anarchy (*shudders*) but they always strive to be the best. Still not convinced? Fine. I gotta break out the big guns: GTA V will be for the 360 and PS3 what San Andreas was to the original Xbox and PS2. Just don’t rob anyone if they sell out of pre-orders. Till then, party like a Rockstar!

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