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Up Up Down Down Left Write Cover

Disclosure: The author of this article was provided a free review copy of this book by its author. Also, the author of this article is part of a Facebook group for freelance writers founded by Nathan Meunier.

Up up down down left right B A B A Start. Did it work? Am I rich yet? I’ll have to keep working on that. Moving on. I’m sure plenty of you reading this have thought of leaving your job delivering morning after pills by roller skates (that’s a job, right?) and making a living writing about video games. Well, you’re in luck because I know just the book to help you on your way.

As you can see from the pretty picture above, Up Up Down Down Left Write is a guide for the freelancing video game writer. Even though I’ve made enough money writing on the internet to buy several islands, I looked forward to reading this book when it came out. Since the author was kind enough to send me an advance copy, you’re getting a review. I get a book, you get an article, he gets publicity, the mafia calls off the hit…everyone wins!

Okay seriously now, the book. UUDDLW isn’t like most books on writing you’ll find. Nathan Meunier has a great casual writing style. This guy doesn’t talk down to you. He’s always cracking jokes and making references to his coffee-based religion. Not only is it the kind of writing I love to read, but it’s the kind that I try to write with on this site.

He credits his writing style to the almighty Coffee Christ, who brewed on the third day.

He credits his writing style to the almighty Coffee Christ, who brewed on the third day.

If you’re thinking about making a career out of freelance video game writing, this book has a lot of info that will make things a lot easier for you. Do you have trouble getting your articles on other sites? He’s got a great couple of chapters on constructing a pitch. I wrote the best pitch I’ve ever written after reading it. Do you want to get noticed by publishers and editors? He’s got you covered. Are you not getting enough writing work and getting kind of hungry? He warned you, man HE WARNED YOU.

All jokes aside, this is book is a must for any aspiring gaming writer. It’s got info on everything from getting review copies to covering press events. It’s also brutally honest. The first article is dedicated to demystifying the profession. While I usually crack jokes about getting paid in diamonds for writing a game review, Nathan takes a minute to spell out that it can be really hard to make a living doing this and that you should be cautious when you’re just starting out. So have I convinced you? The book goes on sale on August 5th and you can get it in paperback and on Kindle. To read the first chapter for free, go here. See you later guys, I have diamonds to count.

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