What I Want From the Eighth Generation

IT’S SPHERICAL- Josh Nichols

Well boys and girls, moms and dads, basement-dwellers, it’s that time again. The big three are preparing for the next generation of gaming. Rumors about the PS4, WiiU, and Xbox 720 (that’s 2 complete circles, for those of you who never played Tony Hawk) have been swirling around for weeks and I am not excited one bit. If you’re a long time gamer like me then you’ve gotten your fair share of disappointments from the seventh generation. We’re seeing less and less focus on sophisticated games because casual games are cheaper, faster, easier, and actually make a decent amount of money. the companies are starting to lose their grip on us who have been with them for years so they can sell your grandma some worthless pile of pixels on Farmville. If Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo want me to buy their new stuff, I have some demands that need to be met.

Stop Bullshitting Me With the Peripherals

I think the most defining aspect of the current generation is the emphasis on motion control. The Wii took the world by storm and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Now I’m not saying that the Wii, Kinect, and PSMove were bad ideas, but their execution was terrible. We were supposed to have games where you could seamlessly navigate through menus with a wave of your hand, where you could feel like a real boxer, ducking and punching your way to the championship belt. But no. Instead of Fight Night Kinect we’ve gotten countless minigame collections. If you’re going to push these things, don’t leave the actual games out of the equation. Which brings me to my next point…

Take Your Time and Give Us Good Games

Annual sequels, day-one patches, DLC announced before the game is even released. I’m gonna be blunt: it’s a fucking joke. It’s rare that we get a new franchise. You don’t think we have a sequel problem? Last year we saw the release of Zelda 16 and Call of Duty 7. I can’t even remember when we had anything as groundbreaking as Halo: Combat Evolved. I may not even buy an FPS this year because they all look the same. Sure they have their own caveats, but I’m not seeing any serious innovation. I just might hold out until Metro: Last Light in 2013.

It seems like every single game that comes out has bugs in it that you should have found by just taking a regular old console and playing the game. You know, the same way all your customers play it. These are games that represent multi-million dollar investments and are marketed to people worldwide. It wouldn’t kill you to not rush the thing into the ground. 10 years ago, if your game had a game-breaking glitch, you were fucked– and that was that. For the most part you couldn’t patch the game remotely. It had to be done right the first time or you’re out of a job.

I can go along with DLC if it’s maybe 3 months after release and it’s a fair amount of extra content. But that’s not what we get. What we’re getting is a system where they take content away from a game, call it finished, and then sell the rest of it back to us. Nobody likes it. This takes people from a day-one buy to getting the GOTY edition. Now for my last request…

Make the New Platform Worth It

I, personally don’t think we need a new generation now. We’ve pretty much gotten the best picture we can see. You know there are more pixels, but can you really tell the difference between 720p and 1080p? Only a few games are stretching the limits of what our current consoles can do. Only a couple games like L.A. Noire have reached the point where they need multiple discs on Xbox 360. In the last 7 years, our technology really hasn’t advanced enough to justify a new platform. What can the PS4 do that the PS3 can’t? If Sony wants me to buy a new console, the answer better impress me.

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