Why Doesn’t the Playstation Have a Halo?

I’ve talked about Halo before. Halo 2 was my first FPS and even today the more popular franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty are boring in comparison. There’s a reason that Halo was the defining franchise for the Xbox. It is the only FPS to have such varied gameplay while having a rich story and universe. It is the only thing that makes me want an Xbox is the upcoming Halo 4. Sure having an Xbox means I can play with my friends online, but if it weren’t for Halo there wouldn’t be any multiplayer game I would want to play. Since Microsoft refuses to play nice and make Halo cross platform or port to PC (a platform they own), those of us with a PS3 are missing out. If any of you have a mind for marketing you’ve noticed something very important. For those of you who don’t, I’ll fill you in. There is a market for an original franchise.

For as long as the Playstation 3 has been out, no one has taken the Halo formula and used it to make a game. Now when I say “Halo formula” I don’t mean I want a Halo clone. I want something original that does right what Halo does right. The way I see it, the Halo formula is as follows:

  • Protagonist that the player can project themselves into
  • Medium-sized assortment of weapons, each with their own distinct specified purpose, pros and cons
  • Quick and easy use of vehicles in single-player and multiplayer
  • Rich story and universe that makes room for well-written novels, comics, movies and sequels
  • Unique and easily distinguishable enemy classes
  • Story mode that makes the game satisfying even if you never touch the multiplayer mode

This is what makes Halo so unique and it’s so simple. You’ll notice that the COD franchise has none of these. Just six bullet points and you have the guidelines to make a great game. This is coming from a guy who isn’t paid to come up with ideas for games. Why hasn’t anyone caught on? Are developers too scared to try to come up with something great? I just don’t understand why that in the last 10 years since Combat Evolved we haven’t had anything pop up that could rival it. Maybe Dust 514 will fill these shoes, but I doubt it. I might as well give up and buy the cheapest Xbox 360 I can find and huddle up with every Halo game I’ve missed. If you don’t hear from me until spring, that’s probably what I’ve done.

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